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Combination Classes

These classes are offered for children and teens on a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Each “Combination Class” consists of one part ballet, one part tap, and one part jazz. Younger students will substitute jazz with creative movement. Combination Classes are essential for all young dancers. Combination Classes allow the student to develop the necessary vocabulary, physical skill and strength through a thoughtful progression of dance fundamentals. For all beginner students, this is the perfect class for an introduction to dance with the exposure of several types of dance in one class time. At New Creations, we believe that it is important for beginner and intermediate level students to gain exposure to all types of dance.


Ballet Technique Classes


At New Creations Dance Studio, we believe that ballet is the basic fundamental to all types of dance technique. In “Ballet Class “emphasis” is placed on the technically correct dancer. Correct technical training is stressed to avoid injury in all types of dance classes. Through a study of correct spinal and joint alignment, the developing dancer will begin to experience more confidence and grace as they attempt more advanced movement sequences. Ballet vocabulary, endurance, class etiquette and discipline are also important aspects of these classes. We do not encourage pointe work until the student has developed a physical maturity and accomplished an advanced technical level.


Jazz Technique Classes


“Jazz Dance” develops isolation movements of specific body parts while incorporating different qualities of movement into the choreographed sequences. As a dance form, jazz has an exciting, vibrant, and dynamic quality that makes it popular among all students. Jazz dance is used for entertainment in theater, movies, and in the popular music videos. Jazz is important for students wishing to study musical theater. It is highly recommended that Jazz III dancers are enrolled in a separate technique class. 


Tap Technique Classes


“Tap Dance Class” is a fun way to instill the use of rhythmic patterns, musical counting, and sequential phrasing for students of all dance levels. Younger dancers use tap skills to memorize sequences of steps through a realization of rhythm patterns. Beginner and Intermediate students learn to count musical phrases, as well as begin to understand tempo and the importance of staying together as a class. Challenging combinations for the advanced tap dancers further improve coordination, musicality, and sequence memorization. Poise and performance personality are a must for the advanced tap dancer. Students wishing to pursue a future in the Musical Theater field are required to have a strong tap background. Basic Tap vocabulary is taught in the traditional Broadway buck and wing tap technique. 

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Hip-Hop Classes


“Hip Hop”  Classes are exciting dance forms that develop isolated and free flowing movements of the body using syncopated beats and rhythms to create a high impact, high energy dance form. This intense expression of movement has been developed through the music videos of today.  

Tumbling Classes

“Tumbling”  Classes are focused on creating strength, flexibility, and coordination of students full potential. Students learn floor skills and also coordinating their skills with music which helps with their knowledge of musicality. This is a high energy fun class to join. 


Musical Theatre Classes


“Musical Theatre Classes” are for those students who are interested in being a triple threat. A triple threat on the stage is a person who is sufficient in singing, acting, and dancing. Talented kids need a class that will stimulate all their passions at once and this class is it. Introduction to acting, kids will play games to enhance their ability to perform with emotions on stage. They will receive vocal training and learn how to control their breathing in order to properly execute each note. Lastly, they will learn fun movements that will help tell the story of their piece and entertain the audience.  

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 Private Classes

Private classes are available for vocal, instrument, technique and Solo and Duets for the year end concert and for extra technique work. Private classes must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or a regular fee will be charged.

Satisfaction Guarantee

It is our goal to Inspire, Educate, and Perform.

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